Fakemon Dex

I can't think of a good tagline.


A great spot to roleplay. I got this idea from leafpokemon. Use the shoutboxes to explore the various areas and meet the pokemon there, and so on. Now boldly take your pokemon (or Fakemon) and explore!

Misty Marsh

A foggy, humid, boggy forest. It's safe to walk, but still watch your step. This place is known for its deep swamps.



Emerald Pond

A nice, quiet, serene, sparkling pond. Perfect tranquility. You can fish, play, or just relax. Your choice, a quiet break, or a chance to catch some Pokemon!

Power Plant

An abandoned power plant. It's been empty for years. Maybe even decades. It wouldn't hurt to check it out! Maybe you'll find something neat.



The Lab

The first floor, just like any other pokemon lab, seemingly. It seems to have been abandoned recently as the technology in this lab looks highly advanced. No pokemon seem to have gotten to it yet. The second floor seems to have been blocked off for a long time. It's an unfinished area as the original lab workers probably didn't need it. The barricade has been busted through, so you can climb the stairs and see what's up there. Have fun!

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Secret Tower

An ancient tower that has many legends rooting from it. How it looks on the outside doesn't mean a thing. Many have said that there is a second dimension that can only be accessed here. It is also said that a powerful legendary roams here. You should check it out!